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Treasure Isle Zynga Inc., 2010-

Treasure Isle is a social game on Facebook where players experience adventures exploring islands to locate treasures and solve mysteries. By visiting islands and spending energy to dig and search, players can discover treasures. The goal is to collect full sets to gain rewards. People can help their friends out by sending them gifts that aid their digging and exploration. The game launched in August 2010 and is currently the 2nd biggest game on Facebook.
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FarmVille Zynga Inc., 2009-

FarmVille is a game for Facebook where players get to run their own farm. By harvesting crops, keeping livestock, and tending to trees, players earn virtual coins to decorate their farm. Players can also send gifts to their friends and invite their friends to be neighbors. FarmVille has over 30 million users playing daily and is the top application on the Facebook platform. It has been featured in numerous magazines, was on the cover of USA Today, and even was referenced in an episode of South Park.
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Subwire Independent, 2005-, Written in PHP

Subwire provides fans of Japanese anime and manga a place to discover new content and share their experiences with like-minded friends. Founded with the intent of tracking the latest releases, Subwire now boasts a massive database of Anime series and releases and a bustling forum where people discuss about their favorite shows. Independent, 2000-2009, Written in PHP (v1.0-3.0) and Python (v4.0)

Personal homepage showcasing projects and other random stuff. This site has gone through several iterations over the years. Early versions used PHP. The most recent version was built using Google App Engine and Python.
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MyMiniLife MyMiniLife Inc., 2007-2009 (Acquired), Written in PHP/Flex 3.0

Founded by 4 UIUC graduates, MyMiniLife is a game and community where people design and create virtual homes to share with others. Visited by over 4million people and featuring tens of thousands of user generated items, MyMiniLife has grown to be an enormous ecosystem where people have fun creating their dream homes. MyMiniLife integrates with over 10 social networks by utilizing both the Facebook platform and OpenSocial. The MML flash engine was designed to allow maximum flexibility for users to express their creativity by allowing them to upload their own content for use in their virtual spaces. MyMiniLife, Inc. was acquired by Zynga, Inc. in the summer of 2009.
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Unreal Tournament 3 Epic Games Inc., 2007, Written in C++/UnrealScript

Unreal Tournament 3 is a first person shooter for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 developed by Epic Games and published by Midway. It has sold 1.2 million+ copies. I was a developer for the game.
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Gears of War Epic Games Inc., 2006, Written in C++/UnrealScript

Gears of War is a third-person action game for the PC and Xbox 360 developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft. It won best of show at E3 2006 and has a 94% average rating on Metacritic. To date it has sold 4million+ copies. I was a developer for the game.

Kerzoids Independent, 2004-2005, Written in C++/LUA

Kerzoids is a twitch puzzle game that challenges players to match colored pills with blobs of the same color under time pressure. With over 30 stages, a half-dozen power-ups, bonus levels, and more, Kerzoids is a fun time-waster that's worth checking out.

Chronos GL Engine Independent, 2001-2005, Written in C++/LUA

The Chronos GL engine was originally started as a project to learn C++ and 3D programming. Since then it has grown to be a full featured 3D engine with a suite of tools. Several games have been developed using it over the various iterations the engine has gone through.

Some of the features included in the latest version of CGL include:

Version 1

Version 2


ParticleFX Independent, v1.0: 2004, v2.0: 2005, Written in C++/LUA

ParticleFX is a particle system editor for the CGL engine originally designed in 2004 and upgraded in 2005. This editor makes particle system editing easy by exposing timeline based transforms of particle attributes such as color, size, life, velocity, and more. Users can edit particle system properties and see the results rendered in realtime preview window using the same particle library as the CGL engine.

Material Works Independent, 2004, Written in C++/LUA

Material Works is CGL engine's shader editing suite. Created with a focus on GLSL, Material Works was originally designed to aid creation of surface shaders that bridge the gap between fixed function and programmable GPUs.

GUI Studio Independent, 2003, Written in C++/LUA

GUI Studio is CGL's GUI editing tool. It allows users to create UI scenes visually which can then be loaded by the engine. Designed in a manner similar to flash, users bind events to named widgets created in the editor. To aid creation of game UI scenes, GUI Studio comes bundled with several common widget types and support for animated shader skinning of widgets. GUI Studio is also linked using the CGL engine library to enable previewing of UI scenes as they would look in-game.

Bioscythe Independent, 2003, Written in C++/LUA

Bioscythe is a topdown action shooter based around letting players customize their weapons. The game features an upgradeable weapon system that allows players to change their weapon's abilities based on orbs they have collected throughout the game's different levels. Originally designed as a project to learn 3D game development, Bioscythe reached the end of its development cycle with a 3-level demo complete with cutscenes, several power-ups, 6 different enemies, sound, and music.

Marble Mayhem Independent, 2002-2003, Written in C++

Marble Mayhem was the first game created using the CGL engine. The goal of the game is to guide a marble across a terrain and into a goal point before time runs out. Players must avoid pits and other obstacles while trying to get the best time.

Tetrix Independent, 2000-2001, Written in VB6

Tetrix is an online 6-player Tetris clone. Players go head-to-head in realtime to see who can clear lines the fastest. In addition to standard Tetris gameplay, Tetrix also supports powerups and attacks to mix things up. Other features include being fully skinnable, including a robust lobby system, and having a server built-in to the client for network play.